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How AI And AI Concepts Can Benefit All Businesses

Some of the latest buzzwords in tech these days are AI and chatbots. These two complementary ideas reflect major trends towards ever more powerful and easier to use applications.


We should, however, not get distracted by the hype. We need to think about how the apps that we design, build and use every day can benefit from the qualities of AI and chatbots. We like to focus on the three I’s of the application –

  • Image
  • Back-end Intelligence
  • Consumer Interactions

In this post, we look to explore how the thinking, capabilities and technologies behind AI and chatbots can lift any web or mobile app above the competition, making it smart and easier to use.

Whilst especially apt for start-ups, there is no reason that existing websites and apps should not benefit from the makeover that AI and chatbot smarts can bring to your app’s Image, Intelligence and Interaction with consumers.


In the age of so many start-ups, dot-coms and undecipherable value propositions, there is a great need for clear value statements and brand differentiation.

An AI persona provides a framework to build a memorable brand around, using rich and identifiable human characteristics.

For example, the qualities and personality of a Harvard educated, financial technology geek, when embodied by an avatar, becomes a powerful tool to help position a financial services company that seeks to support its busy users with new technology.


The persona, we created in the image of, allows to package and promote useful “artificial intelligence”.

All apps need to be as smart as possible without confusing users or providing them with infinite screens of data and myriad options to choose from.

Useful and intelligent messages that a persona communicates can be packaged as insights, suggestions and reminders.

Clearly communicated by the persona, these messages can help engagement and drive key business processes to their conclusion.


The obvious quality of bots is left to last. The persona can be spoken with, can engage in text chat and can be seen in animated photorealistic 3D graphics.

Whilst perhaps the most distinctive and noticeable “AI” trait, this should be seen for what it is - alternative to mouse and touch based screen interactions. Unless this is going to be killer to the app, such communications should not be forced on users. Mouse or touch may the best to take to some apps.

Voice out and expressive 3D graphics when the persona needs to talk to the users are powerful channels of communication. They can positively reinforce the brand and its personality without relying on input voice or chat processing.