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Build it and they will not come!

There are so many apps, and millions of websites out there now.  Without a big brand, money for offline marketing or a lucky PR break people will not come to your site or discover your app

Growth hacking teaches us many ways to grow our user base, the most exciting of which is social marketing.  Inviting shares on social networks is just the starting point.  I like also to look a little deeper, levering the power of viral distribution at a fundamental level in our app designs.

Clearly the most exciting examples are the big social networks themselves which spread around the globe virally, ask users to constantly invite their friends, build communities and generate stories that are shared at the water cooler and provide us with important connections in our personal and business lives.

Digital Design

To integrate marketing into our app design and product strategy we can all take lessons from the emergent strategies of most all social networks.

Use social sign up to make onboarding seamless and also to request access to your users’ contact databases so that we can lever their social networks.

Build your own community, encouraging user to collaborate on your platform by providing community tools that are unique to your business.

From within the app we should be converting users to advocates.  Communicating a value proposition that is succinct, distinct and compelling is of crucial importance.  Build these calls to action into business process, reminding people to collaborate, invite new users and grow community.

Over my career, we had some tremendous examples of viral success.  Remind me to tell you about our “kiss” campaign, promoted on bus shelters and radio which peaked at a 20:1 viral ratio.  

GKIM has developed a standard model of viral distribution. This identifying all of the touchpoints, processes and technologies required for effective advocacy.

Our API’s and SDK’s integrate all these touch points and support driving of users and their social contacts around the cycle, acquiring new users and loyalty.

I would love to discuss how to incorporate this approach to any project idea you have.  Let’s build a vibrant community around your business processes which drives growth as people engage.

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