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Documenting Digital Ideas for Developers

Let me take the role of your hypothetical app developer.  Like the Economist magazine says, assume your readers are smart but no nothing about what your business or idea.  Explain it from first principles.  Don’t let us jump to incomplete conclusions or wrong assumptions.  Give references to the best practice you seek and explain why they are relevant.

Over the years, ever since I was a budding game developer for Sony and Nintendo I have fought against the idea of standard project design templates.  Templated briefs beget templated apps, beget me-too projects and a cleansing of creative and distinct competitive advantage. Perhaps however a checklist can help:

  1. Entrepreneur and Project background
  2. Strategic Purpose of Digital
  3. Digital Business Processes and Data Flows
  4. Role of AI
  5. UX Requirements
  6. Application Architecture
  7. Recommendations

Even the best of briefs however, can only go so far. A lack of collaboration with your dev team will lead to failure, or at least a less than optimal product delivered in less than totally efficient means.

The means that we like to follow would include developing our own documentation of your project, building it up from first principles and sharing our ideas with you day by day, week by week until we have shared ownership of the best solution that our combined minds can create.  

Digital Design Process

Somewhere along this process we will start development work on essentials.

In doing, so we’ll start to ask more questions and come up with new ideas. This is the part of the nature of agile while original visioning docs and strategy will stop us all from going too far off piste.

If you would like a conversation about where to start in writing up a brief for your digital business idea, email me at