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My two year old’s first three words – Pa, Ma & Echo

Last Friday, I presented at the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore event on “AI in Marketing: Winning in Today's Hottest Marketing Frontier”.

While doing the research for the presentation, I was inspired by how my kids engage with smart devices today.

My eldest taught me the power of The Smart Phone touch interface when he was four.

My two year old now teaches me the power of AI bots and voice as an interface. His third word was “Echo” to talk to our Amazon device.

This rekindled my fascination with AI and bots, stemmed from massive success in SMS chat bots started 10 years ago (God’s campaign is still being talked about and cited in advertising awards’ conferences to this day).

From how AI impacts the 4P’s of marketing, through an anatomy of next generation AI bots, to how to add AI to your own applications - check out the deck below.